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promo code BLACKFRIDAY18

Content Marketing Software for Startups, SEO Marketers and Editorial teams who want to increase their reach

Get more traction with less work

Save up to 6h per article on faster content distribution & better collaboration flows

I am incredibly excited about @StoryChiefApp. Anyone who creates multichannel content, needs approval workflows or wants to plan campaigns should check this out. Beautiful intuitive product, completely beats much more established alternatives like Hubspot.

Pieter Gunst


Ivan Braun

Founder @

Instantly cut our content process in half. Moved over from using Dropbox Paper which was a nightmare to get into WordPress. This system is very well thought out, and every time I think "It would be great if it did..." I find out it already does. It's literally replaced 3 other tools or manual steps we were using. Super easy to use and highly intuitive.

Rick Bannerman

Digital Marketing Consultant @ SocialGorillas

StoryChief is like Buffer, but for articles. It is also a way to deal less with the WordPress backend. 

Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area. Editor is far superior to the WordPress one.

Assign Briefs to each Story

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Get everyone on the same page on how the process works.

Plan Content Campaigns

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Group your stories according to your business strategy.

Content Calendar

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Have a clear overview of what's been done and deadlines coming up.

Comes with collaboration features

SEO Virtual Assistant

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Optimize your content and boost your Google ranking by 300%.

Version History

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Track all your changes and restore previous versions of content.

Approval Process

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Stop wasting time waiting around for approvals and feedback.

Publish right away or schedule it for later

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Decide when your content is published, down to day and the hour and the minute.

Link any CMS with our plugins or API

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Link your personal websites and social media platforms, or external content hubs.

Promote stories through your ambassadors

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Let your circles of friends and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.

Embed stories in automated newsletters

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Easily setup e-mailings by integrating your favorite e-mailing tools.

Get a free blog just by signing up

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Takes only 10 seconds to set-up and activate with a user-friendly interface.

Publish to AMP channels

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Improve your click-through rate by 70% by boosting loading times.

Comes with cool publishing features

"Since we're using Facebook Instant Articles, we can tell that readers view the content for a much longer period. We find that very rewarding. When a reader actually reads the article instead of just opening the page, the quality is found to be much higher."

Lara Dereas

Editor In Chief /

Lara Deraes

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