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Publish or schedule your stories with one click. Post them on your own website or create social media posts to promote them. Send newsletters out through e-mail. 

Push content to external content hubs. Improve conversions with AMP channels.

Publish with one click

Publish right away or schedule it for later

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Decide when your content is published, down to day and the hour and the minute.

Link any CMS with our plugins or API

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Link your personal websites and social media platforms, or external content hubs.

Promote stories through your ambassadors

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Let your circles of friends and fans share your stories on their personal social networks.

Embed stories in automated newsletters

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Easily setup e-mailings by integrating your favorite e-mailing tools.

Get a free blog just by signing up

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Takes only 10 seconds to set-up and activate with a user-friendly interface.

Publish to AMP channels

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Improve your click-through rate by 70% by boosting loading times.

Comes with cool publishing features

"Since we're using Facebook Instant Articles, we can tell that readers view the content for a much longer period. We find that very rewarding. When a reader actually reads the article instead of just opening the page, the quality is found to be much higher."

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Lara Deraes

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